What’s New in Home Pool Automation?

What's New in Home Pool AutomationPool owners everywhere are already familiar with the joys of having access to your own private pool. Having a pool offers a fun, easy way to exercise and relax. It’s great for entertaining family and friends as well. And in 2020, pool ownership has never been easier! New swimming pool automation technology makes owning and maintaining a pool more convenient than ever, letting you control various modules of your pool from wherever you are via your smartphone or mobile device. Swimming pool automation is becoming more sophisticated and convenient as continued innovation abounds. So what’s new in pool automation?

Monitoring Chemical Levels

One of the trickier parts about making sure your pool is ready for use is ensuring that the pH levels of your pool are balanced correctly. Your pool’s pH changes every time something enters the water, whether it’s a swimmer, debris or necessary chemicals. If it changes too much, swimming can become unsafe for the swimmer, and your pool may suffer damage or wear over time.

Pool automation technology is helping pool owners fix and prevent PH-related issues. PHin offers a monitor that you can add to your system that floats in your pool and tests your water. You can then easily check your pool’s chemistry and adjust it as needed. Don’t worry if chemistry wasn’t your strongest subject. The program will even go so far as to tell you exactly what to do to get your pool’s pH level where it should be.

Additionally, there’s an app for that. You can turn your smartphone into your pool monitor. The Insta-Link Home app lets you dip a pH strip into your pool and scan it using your phone’s camera. Then the app will tell you what the results are, and you can make adjustments as needed (or have us do it).

Pool Pumps

As a pool owner, you’re bound to have at least one central pump for your pool, if not several to run extra features like jets, slides, and waterfalls. With swimming pool automation, you can control all of these pumps from your smartphone. This can really help you save energy, which in turn saves you money. For example, your pool’s central pump system is an important part of keeping your pool clean and in good condition; it helps circulate the chlorine and filters out debris. You should run your central pump long enough each day that all of the water in your pool can be filtered through. But running your central pump longer than necessary will cost you money on your electric bill. You can use pool automation technology to control when your pump runs, potentially saving you a bundle over the course of the year.

There are even more improvements to pool pumps on the horizon. Last year the Department of Energy passed a new rule about pool pumps that is supposed to go into effect on July 19, 2021. The new regulation applies to pool pumps with a hydraulic horsepower less than or equal to 2.5 HHP. Pump manufacturers will be required to produce pumps that meet minimum energy efficiency standards from that point forward. Old pumps already in use will be grandfathered in, but manufacturers will have to meet the standards on new pumps. You won’t legally need to upgrade, but it might be a good idea anyway. A more energy efficient pump means a lower energy bill and more money in your wallet.

Entertain Better

Swimming pools are where many summer memories are made. While you can have a great time in the most basic pools, swimming pool automation offers the chance to take your pool to the next level when entertaining guests of all ages. Water temperature is important to enjoying a good swim. Creating the right atmosphere with lighting can elevate the experience as well. Both of these can be controlled from your smartphone. That means that you can get the water just right without even being home, ensuring that the water is ready and waiting for you to jump in when you arrive. Some lighting systems will allow you to change the color and pattern of lights, which is sure to excite and intrigue guests of any age, especially if you add a theme to your fun. If you forget to turn these features off, or if you can’t remember if you did, not to worry: your smartphone will save you the trip out to the control box, allowing you to check to see if these systems are on and to shut them off from wherever you’re at if needed.

Swimming pool automation is continuously improving to meet changing consumer expectations. Pool automation helps address common pain points that come with owning a pool, such as balancing pool chemicals and running pumps. Pool automation can also elevate any gatherings you have at your pool and ensure your own personal comfort and enjoyment. As an added benefit, more updated swimming pool automation is often more energy efficient, which can save you money when it comes time to pay your energy bill. Do some research and see what updating your swimming pool system can do for you!