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Pool and Spa Repair

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Nothing compares to going into the backyard and diving into the pool. The same can be said about taking a relaxing dip in a hot tub or spa. However, in order to truly enjoy these luxuries, they need to be properly maintained. Ever-Care provides comprehensive pool and spa repair services to keep your oasis in perfect working order.

Signs You Need Professional Pool Repair

Proper maintenance is important to keep your pool from becoming a serious financial burden. Doing a routine inspection of your pool is necessary in order to make sure everything is in working order. As you look around, keep an eye on these components and if you notice something wrong, you may need professional pool repair.


The pool pump circulates the water through a filter to help keep it clean. It could be stopped up from the filter pump becoming clogged while it operates. Seals may leak under the pump, causing water puddles and potentially letting air into the system. Pumps that stop operating may need replacement, and a pump making noise is a sign it should be serviced.


The pool water is circulated through the filter, which catches all small debris that the pump basket doesn’t . As dirt accumulates in the filter, pressure will increase. At this time the filter will need to be cleaned. Keep an eye on your filter’s pressure gauge to determine when the next cleaning will be due. Pressure gauges sometimes go bad causing them to read the pressure inaccurately. The filter tank can also swell or crack overtime causing leaks in the filter shell. Leaks can also be caused by worn out O-rings. Grids in cartridges inside the filter can tear over time as well, causing dirt and other particles to blow back into the pool water that would normally be filtered out.


The liner helps to keep water inside the pool on above-ground models. Liners can become torn as they age. Holes and tears can form on the bottom and sides of the liner, causing water leakage. This can lead to problems under the bottom of the pool. Such damage can cause the base to become saturated with water.


Peeling plaster can be caused by age, low pH or calcium levels, among other things. Cracks in the structure are another issue that can cause water to leak outside of the pool. As your pool ages stains can develop that may need to be removed with an acid wash or by resurfacing the plaster.

Water level

A pool’s water level is always fluctuating. It’s normal for a pool to lose some water, due to factors like evaporation, splashing, and swimming. But serious drops in the water level may indicate that there’s a leak somewhere. When your water level gets too low, your skimmer will start to suck air into the system, and then you risk burning out your pool pump. Water level monitoring is a quick task that we perform in our weekly service.

Signs You Need Professional Spa/Hot Tub Repair

Hot tubs and spas also need regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Make a habit of routine inspections of your hot tub so nothing goes overlooked. As you look around, keep an eye on these components. If you notice something wrong, you may need to call in professional spa repair services.


Leaks are one of the most common problems associated with spas and hot tubs. The location of leaks can vary. A lot depends on the age and use of the unit. Leaks can originate from the pump, filter and valves. Other areas include the plumbing, connections around the heater and the shells among other things. Inspect the plumbing by removing the front panel to check for signs of leakage. You should be able to locate any leaks after removing this access panel with the tub in operation.

You may find leaks around the wall or floor where the tub is placed. The drain and below the tub are also areas to inspect. Leaks can develop beside the motor at the pump wet end when the motor shaft is worn out. Check around the filter canister drain valve and cap for signs of leaks. Make sure all plumbing connections are free from leaks. We can repair any problems that are occurring by calling today.


The pumps use high pressure to propel water through the jets. A spa pump making noises can be another sign of failure. High-pitched noises can mean that the motor bearings are wearing out. This may also be related to overheating from running the pump dry, but on the other hand, corrosion from water leakage can lead to the pump failing.


Electric and gas water heaters are used in hot tubs and spas to heat the water. Gas can heat water quicker than electrical. Both types will develop problems over time. Inside an electric water heater, the upper or lower heating elements can burn out causing the heater to fail. The tank can form sediment, which can cause additional heating problems. It will need flushing out or replacement.

Gas water heaters could have an issue with the pilot light going out. If the pilot does go out press down on the pilot switch while clicking the ignite button. Hold the button down for one minute to allow time for the flame to heat the thermocouple to remain on. Retry the process for a pilot light that goes out again. Problems with the pilot light continuing to go out could be a dirty orifice or bad thermocouple.

Turn the gas on after the pilot light stays lit. The burner should go on when the temperature is set correctly. Failure of the burner igniting could mean a defective thermostat or gas valve.


Jets in some spas use gaskets to seal against the interior walls of the unit to prevent water seepage. The gaskets will wear down over time causing problems. Jet manifolds can crack when water freezes inside the plumbing fixtures. A ruptured manifold will need to be replaced. Call to discuss the spa repair problems before trying to deal with some of these issues on your own.

Algae growth

If your spa develops algae, shock the water with a high dose of chlorine. Run the filter pump and jets to kill any algae that may be in the pipes. Once the algae is dead clean the filter, drain and refill the spa. Make sure to balance the water and add chlorine to prevent regrowth.

Control panel

When the control panel isn’t working properly, it can disrupt your bathing experience by ignoring some commands or doing one thing when you’ve asked it to do another. In some cases it can cause the unit to stop working altogether.


When you have discovered something wrong with your pool or spa, it’s best to call in a professional to do the spa or pool repair rather than attempting to DIY it and potentially making the problem worse. Ever-Care provides a variety of pool and spa maintenance and repair services to make your life easier and more enjoyable. See what areas we serve!