Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay online using a credit card?

Yes, you can.

Pay Online

I have dogs, how do you work when I'm not home?

We are happy to meet your dogs and get to know them so you’re confident that we will treat your pet like our own. We make sure the gate is closed (and locked, at your request) for the safety of your pet(s) and children.

I need my pool repaired, do you do that too?

Absolutely, I am a licensed pool contractor and specialize in the repair and replacement of pool plumbing, motors, heaters, remote control systems and electrical. We also work closely with other contractors who work on tile and plaster.  We are a one stop shop for all your pool needs.

Will my pool be cleaned on the same day each week?

Yes, we run our schedules as consistently as possible. Occasionally we may service your pool or spa on a different day but we will be sure to let you know ahead of time. We can arrange a courtesy notification via phone, email or text. 

Should I run my pool pump every day?

Yes! Frequent circulation of your pool and spa’s water is very important.  We recommend running the pool pump about 6 hours per day (one hour for spas) in most cases this is enough time to run 100% of the water through the filter system.