Pentair Intelliflo Pumps

ecoselectWe are really excited about the new Pentair IntelliFlo pumps. Intelliflo pumps are the quietest, most energy efficient pump money can buy. We are certified IntelliFlo pump installers. Call us today so we can show you how much money you can save by installing this great new pump. Slash pump energy use by up to 90%, saving hundreds per year.

We’ve been installing Intelliflo pumps since 2007. Our customers are telling us they are saving as much as $100 per month on their electric bill where we’ve installed Intelliflo pumps.

Pentair IntellifloIntelliflo Pros  and Cons


•    Up to 90% saving when replacing your current pump
•    Integrates with most pool systems whether automated or manual
•    Well built and made to last
•    up to 8 different speeds that can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your pool
•    Runs from 0 to 3 horse power
•    Excellent pump design
•    Has its own internal time clock or can be set to turn on and off using your existing remote
•    Weather proof, made to operate indoors or outdoors
•    Built in freeze protection
•    Has a built in priming mode
•    Some versions are equipped with SVRS (safety vacuum release systems) for added safety
•    Easy to program with 4 different running schedules and can be changed at any time
•    Extremely quiet operation


•    More expensive then conventional motors
•    The touch pad is on the pump and may be inconvenient to turn the pump on and off and change speeds with manual systems
•    May need an additional communication box to operate with some automated systems
•    Requires 220 volts to operate some older pools may only have 110 volts available.
•    The SVRS models may be a little fussy. They can sense pressure changes and may turn off when connecting a vacuum hoses or when turning valves. If this happens simply press the reset button on the motor.


Since the time I began cleaning and repairing pools in 1984, I think the Intelliflo pump has been the single greatest advancement to come to the pool industry. It gives me great satisfaction to know I can install a quality pump and save my customer hundreds if not thousand of dollars over the lifetime of the pump.